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First aid courses
in Munich

for your driving licence in English

We are certified as an official institute for First aid courses and Eye tests.
Course location: in Munich at the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)
First Aid course is required before applying for a driving licence. We provide First Aid instruction in Munich for all licenses.

First aid course in English: Erste–Hilfe Kurse auf Englisch für den Führerschein in München

You will be trained to understand the basics of first aid, to stay calm and in control in an emergency. During 9 units you will be given both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. The training is highly practical and takes a hands-on approach to learning first aid course in Munich.

How long does the first aid course last?
The first aid course or first aid training for your driving license takes place on a single day. The new first aid course for all driving license classes lasts 9 teaching units and a total of around 7.5 hours. The course cannot be divided and must be attended in one go.
How long is the first aid course valid?
The certificate for a first aid course is generally valid for life as long as it includes 9 teaching units. This means that the first aid course may have taken place several years ago.
Can I take a first aid course online?
There are online offers, but these are not valid for driving licenses. The practical exercises must take place on site and may not take place online. That's why our first aid courses for your driving license are a safe option so that the first aid course is recognized.
What do I do if I'm late for the first aid course?
A few minutes late is certainly not a problem, but after 15 minutes it is unfortunately no longer possible to take part in the first aid course.
Can I also do an eye test & biometric photos in the first aid course?
To apply for a driving license, you will need a first aid course certificate as well as a passport photo and eye test. In our first aid courses you can easily and spontaneously take your eye test and take biometric photos. It's best to add it directly when booking, then nothing can go wrong. The vision test applies to all driving license classes and is accepted nationwide.
First aid course Munich
biometric passport photos
First Aid Kit

With hands-on instruction and realistic scenarios, the knowledgeable teachers will equip you to handle any circumstance that may happen while you are driving. If you need to get your driver’s license, this first aid course is a fantastic place to begin.

Our First Aid course in English introduces participants to the basic concepts of helping ill or injured persons in emergency situations. The course is conducted by a qualified First Aid instructor with the necessary language proficiency.


For groups up to 20 participants, we offer in-house courses at your place.
Please contact us for further details